Research Site

Our site offers excellent outpatient facilities with ample parking for our patients and extended hours to accommodate the needs of the trial patients. We have access to proper refrigeration and freezer storage as well as the ability to carry out ultraviolet B phototherapy if required. Venipuncture and infusion facilities are available on site as well. We can also accommodate clinical photography for all studies.

We have dedicated patient exam and procedure rooms on site. We also supply private chart review rooms for monitors with access to analog or high speed lines. Secured file and medication storage facilities are on site.

Our location has a large area of over half a million people including urban and rural settings with a diverse population. We also have the opportunity to draw from a population of over 2 million within a one-hour drive from our site. (See map) Our centre attends to 200 patients daily in a general dermatology practice of both children and adults. We are located near a major intersection in downtown Hamilton enabling our patients to have easy access to public transportation. Access to diagnostic imaging facilities are conveniently located nearby as well as medical consultants for other non-dermatological assessments.

Our site has accessibility to an efficient central ethics independent review board, however multi-site submissions are preferred. It functions independent of any university affiliation making it an ideal privately run site.

Images of the Research Site

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